What Employment Counselors Do

Employment counselors are called as career development coaches, bits of advice, professional which provides information. They also supports people who are seeking, managing and planning their work/life direction. This is one of the developmental and comprehensive programs that are designed to assist individuals in implementing and making occupational and educational selections. A guidance counseling program mainly develops an individual’s competencies in educational, career planning, occupational exploration, and self-planning. This is an activity or service that permits an individual to make great decisions on their training, occupations, and educations. In this program, the counselors also manage their own careers. With this system, an individual provides the complete information on the labor market as well as various employment and educational opportunities. This is one of the jobs in which you need to handle the clients who want jobs. For this job you need to have so much patience because you have to listen to the demands and queries of many of candidates.


  • Employment counselors may seek out the possible clients by giving appearance on their services. In fact, they conduct interviews, examine client records, achievement tests and administer aptitude to collect the news that approaches them in helping clients for the selection of careers.
  • These counselors can gather all the information about the programs related to schools such as the cost of books, schedules, and tuitions for the interested clients who are pursuing schooling.
  • Well, they help people to create career plans, inform people about the labor market and teach people job search techniques.
  • These counselors maintain the record of their client’s job’s cover letters, applications, and resumes.
  • Counselors need to do their duty with full honesty and dedication so that the clients get their goals quickly.
  • They provide the path to the clients for their future perspective.
  • They pick up the resumes of the clients from the online websites. These counselors help to develop the career of the clients.
  • Employment counselors are expert in searching out the perfect job for the client who matches with qualification details of the clients. They have direct contact with the companies who arrange an interview for candidate.
  • The persons who don’t know that what they need to do or what type of job is suitable for them or what study they have to do, in these cases employment counselor helps the clients. This is one of the good jobs which provide an employment to the person.

The following are types of employment counselors:

Mental health counseling is a counseling in which you know what people typically think of when they listen to the word counseling. But the counselor’s original job duties are to think beyond the people’s imagined. In fact, these counselors normally talk with the people regarding their problems.  They provide the people a good solution in which they diagnose as well as treat mental illness.

Guidance and career counseling is a developmental and comprehensive program which is simply designed to approach individuals in implementing to inform about an occupational and educational selection. These are also known as guidance counseling programs that create a person’s competencies in an occupational examination and educational planning.

Educational counseling is also known as school counseling in which there is an educator who works in middle, high schools and elementary to provide academic, college readiness, social competencies, career to all the students of K-12 through a school counseling program.

Rehabilitation counseling is concentrated on helping the persons who have many disabilities. Counselors help to achieve their career, independent and personal living aims through the counseling sessions.

Substance abuse counseling is counseling used to recover the person from their addictions. These counselors have a specialty to counsel the women and men of all ages. In fact, their goal is to provide the good treatment, advice and an ongoing support for the addicts to recover fast.

Marriage and family counseling also called as family therapy which is a branch of psychotherapy that works with couples and families in intimate relationships to develop change and development.

Work Environment

Well, career and school counselors can be able to work with varieties of people.

They spend most of their time directly working with students, clients, professionals and also need to maintain an excellent working relationship. Employment counselors have good listening skills.

As the school counselors must be work in private or public schools.

These employment counselors work in government agencies, private practices, colleges and career centers.

Mostly, both of the counselors usually work a full-time job.

How to become employment counselors

To become employment counselors first you need to get graduated in high school. After that go for a BA in a Psychology and scored good grades in it. You need to graduate with an eye on graduate programs and also pursue the master’s degree and also get supervised with the clinical experience. You can easily take the national counselor examination and finally, you can apply for the state license. This is one of the ultimate methods to become a counselor.

Education and Training

Education qualification

To become employment counselors one has to complete the bachelors or high school diploma.

In fact, the person’s who have done the master’s degree are also eligible for the same job.

Age limit

For the job of employment counseling, the age limit of the candidate should be 18 years or above. So, this is one of the best opportunities of the persons who had recently done their intermediate or high school.

Important Qualities

Concentration skills- This is one of the best or important skills for the person who wants to become an employment counselor because who he/she need to listen to the problem of the clients accurately and give him a perfect solution. So, this is one of the qualities which are essential for the counselor to have.

Problem-solving skills- A person who wants to become employment counselor needs to adopt this quality. There are a lot of clients who come to the counselor for their treatment so it is mandatory to have this skill. If a counselor has this skill can do an excellent treatment of the client.

Communication skills- Employment counselor can have this skill because this is very urgent for him. If the counselor interacts with the clients in a good way then the client can explain their problem to the counselor. After that, the counselor find the ultimate solution to their problem.

Decision-making skills- The counselors need to have this skill because he/she are appointed to take important decisions. They met with so many people so they need to take a right decision at right time. Decision-making is one of the important skills which are essential in the career of the employment counselor.


The average employment counselor earninng is $34,760.

Job prospects

Employment of career or school counselors is directed to increase the 8 percent from 2014 to 2024, which is about as quick as the average for all the professions. Raises the school enrollments should direct to employment increment of career and school enrollment. In this profession, a person needs to relate his work history, skills, education level, and personality and interests into the account and decide careers that match with the client’s background and abilities.



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