What Early Childhood Education Teachers Do?

Early childhood teacher engage children in variety of activities for the mental, social, intellectual and physical development. Teachers teach the numeracy, music and art to the early childhood student. They develop the social and communication skills in children.


Childhood education teachers play an important role in the education of children when they are between 3 to 5 years. They plan lessons and teach student on subjects such as math, social study, arts, music, and physical activities. These treachers schedule historical and fun trip for the students so that children can communicate and observe the outside worlds and relate them to their study. They are responsible to develop lifelong love for the education in children. It is the duty of childhood education teachers keep the records of their achievements and attendance in the classroom and communicate with their parents. Responsibilities of early education teachers are:

  • Develop a schedule for the children which include rest time, eating snacks, eating fruits, playing time, music and art time.
  • They have to develop children’s basic skills such as color, shape, number and letter recognition.
  • Understand the children needs and provide them the safe, secure and comfortable environment.
  • Stimulate children’s learning abilities.
  • They should have the capability listen to child’s interpreting words and actions.
  • They allow the children to choose their learning and playing style.
  • Planning and implementing the lessons.
  • They should have to move in the direction which interests the child rather than lead them or force them to study.
  • Observe the children’s behavior and always make note of any kind of progress.
  • Communicate with children’s parents in continuous manner.
  • They have to take care of children’s special need.
  • Plan activities on regular basis so that children enjoy the learning.
  • They always make sure the classroom and eating area both are clean.


Work Environment:

Early childhood educator works in early education classes, play school etc. Along with working in the indoor classrooms they also needs to teach the children in outer world. Working hours of these teachers are not limited in time bounding. They have to spend their time in planning lessons, engagement activities and attend meetings. The mind of a child is very sharp for learning new activities so the early childhood educator must be creative enough to keep them in touch with their surroundings. It is difficult to teach a child like adults so the environment of childhood education classes must be entertaining. There must be a medical facility inside or nearby the childhood education school because children need much attention in case of any medical issue as compare to adults students.


Work Schedule:

The working hours of educator are generally between 6-7 hour. These working hours are flexible. Sometimes they spend some extra hours as per requirement for staff meetings, parents meeting, planning for annual functions or extra curriculum activities for student.



The salary of a childhood educator depends upon the knowledge, educational qualification. Initially it may starts from 12000-15000 or depend upon the institute or school they work for. After gaining experience and becoming expertise one can expect more.


How to Become an Early Childhood Education Teacher:

To become an early childhood educator you have to complete necessary education and you must have certification in teacher training. Good grades in English, Math and Science are very essential to get this job. Professional teacher training skill test needs to pass out for joining required course.


Skills and Personal Qualities:

  • Patience and Humor: It needs huge patience to work with young children’s. Patient nature with great sense of humor makes them capable to work with young child and achieve their goal.
  • Creativity and Flexibility: The educator must have creative ideas so that they can handle students and encourage them to learn. They must be flexible, as sometime they have to spend some extra hours for attending meeting, palling for extra curriculum activities.
  • Communication Skills: Educator must have good communication skills for teaching young students at their level.
  • Respect for Children: This is one of the important skills. There must be respect and friendly nature for the children to build a good relationship with them.


Job Advancement:

One can move from early childhood educator to department head or to management. Some courses such as middle management and leadership skills also have in improving promotion prospects.

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