What Dancer Do

Dancer mainly commits to years of practicing, perfecting and learning their dance skills. They use movements to express stories or ideas in their performance. These dancers can do various dance forms and also give stage performances.


Dancer typically does the following activities:

  • The dancer needs to coordinate with his or her opposite partner.
  • A person has to collaborate with the choreographers so that they can modify your dance steps and also refine.
  • A dancer has to make calls, attend photography sessions and costume fittings connected with dance performances.

Work Environment

Most of the dancers mainly work as a choreographer, artistic directors, dance coaches or teachers.

They practice in a rehearsal room and then gave a stage performance.

As they almost work in a crowdy area.


How to Become a Dancer

To become a dancer, a person must have to complete his or her 10+2 and knows some dance step or styles informally. After that, a person needs to take admission in diploma courses, schools or in some institutes throughout the country. Well, there are various reputed institutes who are conducted the dance courses such as the Kalakshetra in Chennai, the Kathak Kendra in Delhi, Bharatiya Kala Kendra in Delhi and many other.

But some of the institutes can give admission after taking an aptitude test because they have limited seats in their institutions.

Various courses have different durations such as bachelor course is of 3 years, certificate course is of 1 year and post graduates, as well as diploma, are of 2 years.

When a person had done their graduation from a recognized university or an institution then they can find out the job for some experience. The places where they can search out the jobs are Dance Academies, Dance troupes, Kala Kendras, TV channels and so on.

The professional dancer can also open their own institution or private classes to teach various dance forms to the children as well as youngsters. This is the way a person can become self-employed.



Education and Training

Education Qualification

To become a dancer in India, one has to be an Indian Citizen. There is no such education is required for this profile but a person has to qualified their 10+2. This educational is must for the candidate so that he or she is eligible for the further professional courses in the same job profile.

Age Limit

There is no age limit should be considered to become a professional dancer.

Important Qualities

Multitasking skills- A person needs to have this multitasking skills because in this profession one has to go for the long tours. The dancer arranges all the songs and sets up too. They have a lot of responsibility so that they are all rounder.

Concentration skills- The dancer must have this skill because when he or she is going to ready their song. For the stage performance than they need to learn the entire dance step in an order. So, this skill matters a lot for the dance performer.

Problem-solving skills- A person needs to solve a problem as fast possible and also get a solution of that same problem. This skill is essential for the person who wants to become a dancer. As they mostly go outside from their hometown so that’s why this quality matters a lot.

Decision-making skills- A person needs to take a decision faster because as a professional dancer this quality can help him or her so much. Due to this skill, a person can get a success in their career.

Communication skills- This is one of the important skill which can help the person to interact with another person in a very gentle way. Due to this skill, a person makes strong connections and bond with the prominent personalities.


Well, the salary of a professional dancer is from Rs.10, 000 to Rs.15, 000 everywhere. If the person have little experience and perfect in dancing then he or she can earn a good amount i.e. Rs.1, 00, 000 or maybe higher than that.

Job Prospects

The professional dancer or an artist always has a desire that he or she can perform on TV channels or in some stage troops. They come on stage with their amazing facial expression and attraction appearance. Dancers have ability or spark to interpret the roles and give best stage performance. As they want to become the best stage performer.

Well, before performing on stage, these artists can make their own troupes or band. In fact, they can earn money by giving performances on stage in demand. These dancers can also teach or train the students and also open their own dancing institute. In this job profile, a person has more profit and also learns always new because this is the world of dance.



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