What Dance Teacher Do

A dance teacher can teach or train professionally to the students about the dance techniques. They work usually at universities, schools, and colleges. These teachers teach the students about body gestures, movements, and body language.


Dance Teacher typically does the following:

  • It’s a responsibility of a teacher to plan all the further activities.
  • A dance teacher should make or give suggestions to the students for their better performance or result.
  • Well, it’s a responsibility of a teacher to instruct you so that you can’t repeat the same mistake ever.
  • It’s a duty of a teacher to monitors on the student’s performance.
  • A teacher has to adapt all the teaching methods to relate with the student’s needs.

Work Environment

A dance teacher works at schools, colleges, production companies and colleges.

The work environment is so amazing where the person can love to dance.

How to Become a Dance Teacher

To become a dance teacher, a person must be an Indian Citizen. First of all, a person has a curiosity in dancing. If he or she has done their 10th and 12th class then they can able to come into this occupation.

But professionally many employers want your Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in a dancing stream.

A person wants to make his or her career as a dance teacher in a public school. Then they require their entire professional or teaching certificate from the recognized university. In fact, some of the employers require their teaching experience certificate in some respective dance style and form along with all educational qualification certificates.

A person needs to done his or her diploma or bachelor’s degree course in B.F.A, Diploma in Dance, B.A (Dance) and B.A (Fine Arts). The person is only eligible for diploma course when he or she had done their 10th and 12th.  Whereas the person is eligible for graduation then he or she has done their 12th.

A person can apply for the Master’s Degree because in some research places it is required essentially.

The eligibility criteria are set for the post graduation is that candidate should have done their graduation in fine arts with minimum 50 percent marks from the well-reputed university.

Education and Training

Education qualification

To become a dance teacher one has to be done its minimum educational qualification in Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. A person also has a zeal for the dancing activities.

Age limit

Lower age limit is 21 years and further, there is no limit.

Important Qualities

Decision-making skills- A dance teacher should need to have a good decision maker. Sometimes in office timings, he or she needs to take some important decisions like in the time of annual function or many other situations. This skill is very important for the person who wants to become a teacher in their career.

Concentration skills- This is one of the amazing skill which is commonly seen in dance teacher. A person should need to do his or her office work with concentration and teach well to their students.

Problem-making skills- A person have to solve a problem in a minute and also find a better option. This is one of the unique qualities, which the employer has to find in you when you are going to give an interview.

Communication skills- The dance teacher should have a good communication skill. This skill matters a lot in a professional sector, so, it must for the dance teacher. As a teacher, he or she needs to interact with the student’s parents then it is necessary.

Multitasking skills- A dance teacher have to be an all-rounder. A person needs to finish their work in time and have knowledge about every useful thing.

Innovative skills- This skill is more important for the person who wants to become a dance teacher. A person has to teach various dance forms to the students.

Good performer skills- Before becoming a dance teacher, a person needs to have a good performer, it is mandatory.


The salary of a dance teacher depends on the number of classes given as well as the frequency plus the number of persons who have attended their class.  As with time and also with experience, the salary of a dance teacher as well as reputation will increase. The starting salary of this job profile is from Rs.10, 000 to 25,000. It will increase further with enhancing their popularity and work experience.

yet most of the dance teacher prefer to work as freelancer as it bring more opportunities to them.


Job prospects

As dance teacher mainly works at a school where they can teach the various styles of dance steps to the students. The dance class should be set up only two days in a week as per the curriculum. In fact, the dance schools and the sports centres would hire a dance teacher to train the several different styles of dance to the students.


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