What does Data entry operator can do?

A data entry operator is a person who creates, inserts and updates relevant information in computer systems. The task of a particular data entry operator is to enter the information that is related to business. One has to specify complete details like name, address, account numbers and various other information. A data entry operator must have the skills like speed and accuracy. One must hold on the various computer skills and know how to handle various databases. They are basically known as data compilers who transfer information for the business purposes.


As being a data entry operator, one must have the ability to learn new things quickly and in an excellent manner. A data entry operator must carry on various responsibilities like:

  • The data that is entering into the computer system must be in a correct format and must be updated regularly.
  • One must maintain the confidentiality of the data by making it high-quality.
  • Have to focus and concentrate on the given tasks and complete the work on specified deadlines.
  • Enters the data with the help of entry equipment in the most efficient manner.
  • Verify and compile the data so that it should be easily manageable.

Work Environment

This job provides a proper sitting planning either one can do its task from home or work at some office. The environment is full of equipment like computers and fax machines. A particular data entry operator has to sit in front of the computer and other such electronic machines. Sometimes, it is important to sit for long hours if the work is not completed in the specified time.

Pros and cons

  • The best part of this job is one can earn extra money in his free time but the sitting hours may be long due to the heavy work load.
  • These jobs are meant for those individuals who have less technical power.
  • By doing this job, one can also speed up and improve his writing speed.
  • One can get abundance of job opportunities in this particular field.

How to become a data entry operator?

To become a data entry operator, a person does not require any intelligence but needs to carry a lot of hard work. So we can call this profession the easiest one.

  • Must have good typing speed and contain data entry skills.
  • Familiar with basic office equipment like computers, scanners, and copiers.
  • A high school diploma is valid for this job.
  • High verbal and written skills as well as reading comprehension.
  • The age must be above 18 years and maximum should be 40 years.
  • The graduation should be done with at least 60% marks.
  • Knowledge of MS office and basic operations of the computers and good command over the English language.

Salary range

If you go in this field, one can get an average salary of Rs 1,20,000 – 2,40,000 annually.  If someone carries high skills in Microsoft excel can get high pay for this job. Moreover, if you carrying high experience in this field then also moves to other high positions reflecting in this field. The salary is allotted along with the bonuses, wages and also paid for the extra hours. If you are doing work as a data entry operator, then also earn Rs 200 per hour from your home.

Job Prospects

It is assumed that the job opportunities for data entry jobs may be declined by the percentage of 4 from the year 2014 to 2024. It is because the managers and workers prefer to do all data entry work of its own so doesn’t need maximum data entry clerks.


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