A bank teller is an employee of a bank who deals frankly with the customers. In some places, these tellers are called as customer representative or cashier.

What Bank Tellers Do

The bank tellers provides an account services to customers by receiving cashing checks, deposits and loan payments, recording night and mail deposits, answering questions in person or on telephone, issuing savings withdrawals referring to other bank services.


Bank Tellers typically do the following:

  • They make records of transactions by logging traveller’s checks and cashier’s checks.
  • They have to prepare the currency transaction reports.
  • These bank tellers can complete a special requests by closing the bank accounts.
  • In fact, they can open and close vacation and Christmas clubs.
  • Bank tellers provides customers a special statements, referrals and copies.
  • They also complete safe deposit box procedures.
  • Bank tellers help the customers of exchanging their foreign currencies.
  • Promotion of financial institution’s products like mortgages and loans.
  • They can balance the cash drawers, TAUs, vault and ATMs.
  • Cash advances.
  • They resolve the customer issues.
  • Processing and batching proof work.

Work Environment

Well, bank tellers interact with the coworkers and customers.

As they communicate with the customers daily by telephone.

They write memos, e-mails and letters daily.

These bank tellers deal with angry, discourteous and unpleasant customers often.

They can work well with a team of co-workers.

As they have a responsibility of other tellers whom they supervise.

Sometimes they come in conflict situations.

How to Become a Bank Tellers

To become a bank teller, a person requires a high school diploma or GED. Well, college degree isn’t must for this profile. But a person needs to have a 2 year associate or 4 years bachelor degree in finance, business or math. It might help to one get hired or promoted. A bank tellers have some skills of computers, communications, customer services, job outlook and including maths.

Education and Training

Educational qualification

To become bank teller one has to complete a high school diploma. In fact, the tellers who have done their bachelor’s degree example a typical eligible for more advanced positions like personal financial advisors, personal bankers or loan officers.

Age Limit

Well, it’s completely depend upon the financial institutions who hires. But according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many employers seek candidates who have high school diploma or its equivalent. That’s why, tellers are generally at least 18 years of age in the banking industry.

Important Qualities

Communication skills- A bank teller need to have a good communication skill because it is very much essential for their work environment. In fact, it becomes easy for the teller to explain the customers regarding schemes.

Decision-making skills- Well, this is one of the important factor that the bank teller should have. There are many situation comes when he/ she have to take an important decisions.

Problem-solving skills- A bank teller need to be more intelligent. They get a solution of every difficult situation which can help in the development of bank.

Concentration skills- For the post of bank teller, a person can do their work with full focus and intelligence. This skill can develop the organization.

Multitasking skills- A bank teller should have a multitasking skills. It makes the work load easier.




According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook states in 2012 as the medium basic wage was 12000 -18000 per month. Yet the salary and rank increases every year on the basis of experience and performance

Job prospects

According to BLS, between 2014 to 2014, the employment of bank tellers should increase by 8%. Well, the job rise in this field get an output to open more branch offices.

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