Bank Clerk

What can bank clerk do?

A bank clerk is basically a person who is responsible for maintaining all the financial work. They must have a deep knowledge about the loans, exchanges, account handling, interests, and various other investment purposes. One has to keep proper track about the day to day transactions. As being a bank clerk, one has to not only work for the organization but also for the customer welfare.


  • Maintain and keep update all the financial records.
  • Handle all the important work related to customer’s account.
  • Solves all the problems and issues of the specific account holder.
  • Have to verify all the cheques, drafts and various bank orders.
  • Issue check books only after proper identification of the user.
  • Perform various useful tasks such as data entry, receipt collection, and much more relevant information.
  • Also, have to coordinate with the other most departments.
  • Provide excellent and best service to all the customers.
  • Must be remain updated with the latest banking aspects and must perform correct calculations.

A bank clerk is of many types like one can work in this profession as an interest clerk, loan clerk, statement clerk, exchange clerks as each has to perform his tasks in the most effective manner.  It is a basic role of a clerk to provide full assistance and have to balance all the checkbooks.

Work environment

The working environment of a banks is very ideal and pleasent. The bank employee has to work in banks under regular work hours with almost 35 to 40 hours per week. Some banks like credit unions are also open on the weekends. In the particular banking environment, there is separate counter for the particular employee like different departments in savings, deposits, cash credit, retail as well as agricultural loans, cash receipt and payment and many more. The whole arrangement is done in well-mannered way so one can easily found everything. It is assumed that the job of a bank employee is more comfortable as compared with the other officers. A bank employee has to spend their time in the front office counters and they have to provide excellent customer service. Such branches are made up of a single window counters which provide difficulty for the customers to get the information.

How to become a Bank Clerk?

For becoming a bank clerk, one has to pass out an exam of IBPS-clerk and have to participate in this exam after completing the graduation and the age is must be above 21 years. One must carry below educational requirements and skills to become a bank clerk. After clearing the examination, the selected candidates are on the probation basis for the first six months. After this, the short test will be conducted and on the basis of the test performance, they are selected as a permanent employee of the bank. There are various opportunities for the bank clerks in using the services of bank clerks.

  • Must do graduation or high school diploma is mandatory.
  • The age requirement is between 20-28 years old.
  • Mandatory to pass out the bank clerical exam to enter in any interview.
  • High mathematical, communication, organizational skills.
  • The candidate must be good in computer applications such like word, excel and other most software.
  • Must have good typing skills and also know the mailing system.


As compared with the other professions, this field has a high salary package. The salary of the bank employee is always varied according to the location as well as working experience. The basic pay of a bank clerk starts from Rs.11, 000 to Rs.42, 000.  An employee working in a public sector can earn from Rs.15000 to Rs.18000 per month whereas, in private sector, one can earn Rs.20,000 to Rs.25, 000.  The salary pay also depends upon the bank location as well qualification details. Along with the salary package, one also gets incentives as well as facilities by the bank.

Job Prospects

Along with the high competition in this field, there is also a large number of job opportunities available for the bank clerk in the banking sector. It is also assumed that with the end of the year 2013, the total number of posts of a bank clerk is nearly above 6000.  So, it is also a good opportunity for the clerks as many of the banks are also providing the large high promotions after working for 3 to 4 years in the same field. There are plenty of job opportunities for the senior post of the bank clerk. One can gain high growth in this profession as compared to other various government jobs.  So, it is one of the challenging career options which need a lot of dedication as well as hard work.

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