Aviation Technician

What can Aviation Technician do?

Aviation technician is a specialist who deals with the electronic equipment. His task is to maintain and repair all the parts of the aircraft. They have to run various cables and connect instruments for the purpose of navigation. He must well-known with all the installation as well as troubleshooting steps to handle all types of issues in aircraft. In the case of failure of some devices, they have to transfer all the equipment to the workshop for replacement. An aviation technician also responsible for the safety of a crew as well as passengers and success of a flight also depend upon the technician.


  • Know how to assemble and install electrical and mechanical components.
  • Must have proper knowledge of all power as well as hand tools.
  • Regularly clean and change the oil in aircraft.
  • Examine all the aircraft components like leading gear, breaks and also inspect all the leaks and other problems.
  • Paint all the aircraft surfaces on regular intervals.
  • Typically work outside in some repair stations or airfields.
  • Diagnoses all kind of electrical problems.
  • Replacing and repairing all the major and minor components of the aircraft.

Work Environment

Depending upon the working environment, aviation technician works in hangars, flight line, and various repair shops. They have to work with various hand tools along with testing equipment. The whole environment is surrounded with noise levels and has to work in all kind of weather conditions if there are any emergency repairs. They have to work in lifts and pulls and have to perform various activities like kneeling, crawling, and handling.

Pros & Cons

  • Work very hard to prove yourself.
  • Flexible career but also some extra hours along with full-time service in the aviation industry.




How to become an Aviation technician?

To become an Aviation technician, one must hold the high skills in computers and have proper knowledge of all modern tools.An aviation technician has to complete an associate’s degree after graduating from some technical school. There are different types of aviation technician who work fast and efficiently.


  • Must have an average mechanical ability and desire to work with his expert hands.
  • High interest in aviation, appreciation and must do particular task carefully and thoroughly.
  • Must have an age of above 18 years.
  • High school diploma or GED certificate in FAA approved courses.
  • Minimum practical experience with complete certification.
  • Must have the ability to understand the concept of the engineering.
  • Work with a strong sense of responsibility.
  • Pay full attention to the work and also complete the work before deadlines.


The average salary of an aviation technician is above Rs 298,000 annually. Some of the aviation technicians also earn hourly wages. The starting salary of an aviation technician is up to 17 lakhs to 20 Lakhs annually arise and if someone carrying experience then can earn up to 27 to 37 Lakhs. The technician holding an experience of 10 years also move to other most higher positions. If someone gets deep knowledge in computers and digital systems will get more opportunities in future. The pay rates in this job almost depend upon the organization where you work.

Job Outlook

The job opportunities for the aviation technician is excellent for those who have completed their aviation mechanic training programs. It is assumed that the employment is on increasing for this field. The career of the aviation may be rewarding and very exciting if one carry good experience. The positions for this job outlook is excepted with 15% employment growth from 2014  to 2024.


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