What an art teacher can do?

An art teacher is a person who teaches student to draw their imaginations in the form of drawings. They guide students that how to create a beautiful art using various components like sketches and clay. An art teacher must teach any art related subject in order to build skills and confidence in students. An art teacher can change the whole behavior of the student by teaching mix colors of art history. There are some responsibilities that an art teacher has to follow while guiding his students. An art teacher has to make use of various educational tools like pencils, paint, dyes, paper, clay and textiles. some of them also follow computer systems to teach various digital art forms.

  • An art teacher has to keep a regular report of the student attendance.
  • One must monitor the student behavior.
  • An art teacher must provide assignments; create various lesson plans to a particular student.
  • enjoying working with children and young candidates
  • must have patience and tolerance to handle the students
  • Ability to motivate and encourage others.

Work environment

An art teacher basically found working in some private or government schools.  Along with working for regular hours, some of the art teachers have also work for some extra hours to prepare lessons and sometimes also attend the staff meetings.Some of them arrange various art exhibitions schools or in a local community. The working conditions of an art teacher are ideal. This job gives full satisfaction and high job performance at every step. Some of the art teachers have to remain in a standing position and have to take scheduled breaks even for going outside the classrooms. This job proves to be a very stressful occupation as compared to other professions and one has also remain updated with the latest personal and professional goals.

How to become art teacher?

To become an art teacher, one must complete a degree in visual arts or fine arts. one can take any teacher degree course that satisfies all the requirements for teacher certification. The attributes of a successful art teacher are time management, patience, reliability and much more. One can also give additional requirements such as done certification from any public or private schools. Oen has to complete a teacher education program to achieve certification in his or her subject. For an art teacher, the following skills must be there.

  • An art teacher must be perfect in various styles and subjects of art and must hold on various skills in oil painting, watercolors, clays and other types art mediums.
  • must have a master degree in art field like history, graphics arts, painting and digital art.
  • must cover a teacher education program.
  • must carry a certification to teach in the particular state.


The average salary of an art teacher is Rs 244,587 per year along with bonuses, wages, and hourly payment. For a fresher, the starting range is from 10k-15k. If someone holding a high experience in this field can also move into other high-level positions. The salary estimates are completely based on the yearly report based on the wages.

Job prospectus

It is found that there is a large shortage of art teachers in some locations like inner areas. The job opportunities for an art teacher is in growing number in coming years. It is expected that the growth of the art teachers will be stable up to the year of 2024. The individuals who are carrying the fine arts degree and a teacher certificate can prepare to enter the field of an art teacher.

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