What can an account executive do?

An account executive works as a responsible person who works for the welfare of the organization by maintaining a relationship with his clients at a high position by checking the regular report. He must be familiar with all the companies’ services as well as knowing deeply about the particular product and make high sales for the high growth of the company. One has access to large multiple accounts and all objectives are based on the needs and requirements. Either an account executive working in some organization or at some radio stations, the main role is to build a strong relationship with more and more clients. Being an account executive, one must have the strategic planning skills and must provide good customer service at the client end. One has to maintain an effective relationship with the client.


  • Regular meetings with the clients to fulfill all the needs.
  • Manages the account budgets that meet the client needs.
  • Regular checking of the reports for the organization progress.
  • Remain touch with the client at every stage.
  • Motivate the client and solving all the problems.
  • Make sure that all the deadlines are met before the mentioned time period.
  • Undertake all the administrative tasks and have to arrange different meetings and also have to attend them.
  • Presenting all the activities in front of clients to have approval.

Work Environment

An account executive works in some organization or preferred agencies. The working hours are about 8 hours a day and have to work from Monday to Friday. Some of the account executives have to work rarely on the weekends also.  They have to start their work from the early morning or may be for late evenings to fulfill the all requirements. Some of the agencies also provide staff additional benefits which include free gym membership, car allowance, and medical facility as well. This job may include freelance which an experience account executive can do more easily. The work conditions are mostly stressful and are under pressure. One has to move between the agencies to work with different clients which bring more success to an organization.



Pros and Cons

  • High salary package but some kind of boring job as most of the time is spent in an office all the time.
  • The whole environment is comfortable but Sometimes work for overtimes to complete the deadlines.
  • Some companies hire without considering college education but have a high competition.



How to become an account executive?

Becoming an account executive is found to be interesting career option and one has to also complete the bachelor degree in some business administration or in some kind of business marketing. As an account executive, the required skills are strong interpersonal skills, excellence leadership capabilities and must be decision making as well as high speaking skills. If someone carries a degree in advertising, communication, English, and marketing have more chances to achieve this platform.

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree in programming and marketing.
  • Carry features like achievable, realistic and must provide timely results.
  • Must be creative, good team leader organised and highly motivated.
  • Develop skills through some internship training.
  • Must have oral, written as well as speaking skills.
  • Mandatory to work under pressure and maintaining all attention to clients.
  • Contain highly teamwork skills and ability to handle all kind of problems.



An account executive can earn up to the average salary of Rs.239, 411 annually. The paying option is more beneficial for those who want to earn money in this specific field. If someone has high skills in the tally, finance accounting and have a good deal in taxes have the best option for earning high paying skills. If someone working on the post of senior account executive then can earn with the average salary scale of Rs.358, 840 per year. The executive carrying more than 20 years of experience in this field can also achieve next higher salary options with large salary packages. The salaries of the account executives are basically depended upon the specific role or company as well as industry based. So, the large number of factors is responsible for the specific individual’s salary and also depends upon the other employment opportunities.


Job Outlook

It is assumed that the job opportunities for the post of account executive will be increased steadily in the coming few years. As per the survey, according to the advancement in the technology as well as economy and globalization, there is a great drive for the large demand of professionals who are needed for the high growth of the organization and ability to increase the number of clients by maintaining the high levels of customer satisfaction. As an account executive, one person totally depends upon maintaining the long customer relationship and one of the essential opportunities to get the organization success.

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