What Academic dean does?

The task of the academic dean is to check the progress of students as well as a lecturer on the daily basis. He usually works in some university or colleges and plays a central role for whole administration. An academic dean has to handle all the responsibilities regarding the budgets, curriculum, and other most facilities. The main role of the dean is to support and evaluate the highest quality of all the educational courses and has also focused on the various development activities. An academic dean must coordinate the whole university by meeting all the needs of a particular batch as well as the faculty. Behind the reputation as well as the growth of the particular institution or university, the whole credit goes to the academic dean. They work as a trained professionals to ensure the effectiveness.


If someone working on the position of an academic dean then must take his all responsibilities and duties seriously towards his either college or university.

  • Administrate the whole academic programs in a well-planned manner and also supports various internal programs.
  • Coordinate the whole environment and fulfill it with various academic proposals, reviews, and other most matters.
  • Follow the strategic planning in promoting the identity of a university or college.
  • Ability to handle all budgets, program fees as well as maintain proper report of financial arrangements.
  • Must work for the enhancement of more job opportunities as well as outreach opportunities for faculty members.
  • Balance all internal as well as external relationships on regular basis.

Work environment

An academic dean work in a peaceful environment such like an office and mainly remain in indoors. Sometimes they have to attend various campus events and also share office space with the faculty members during various meetings. The working hours is generally considered full-time or sometimes according to the schedules. To achieve the specific goal, they have to work for longer time and also participate in various conferences at visiting at different colleges and universities.

Pros and Cons

  • High salary package but many opportunities.
  • Some time work for long time periods.
  • Responsible for all credit as well as for all kind of failures.
  • Have to face different challenges on the daily basis.





How to become an academic dean?

Becoming an academic dean is one of the biggest responsibility as one has to devote his all life in making the future of the younger generation. One must hold on following requirements to become an academic dean.

  • High skills in handling and administrative duties, financial planning and must know the talks of human resources.
  • Have completed a Master’s degree or Doctorate and proper knowledge about the subjects relating to management, finance and general administration.
  • Best performance at meetings, parties as well as various conferences.
  • One not only qualified academically but also practically.


The average salary pay for the post of an academic dean is Rs 1,228,902 annually. The people carrying an experience of more than 5 years can also move to other higher positions. The salary is estimated on basically on some modules that are bonuses, wages as well as hourly payment.

Job Outlook

The job opportunities in this profession are assumed to be good for coming years. The employment in this field is excepted to grow faster with an increasing rate of 14%. In India, there is the large increment in population and this shows that in coming time, there are a large number of college students which also rise in the development of various high institutions. It really drives large job growth for the younger generation.

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