What Acupressurist do?

An acupressurist put pressure with on some specific body points with the help his finger or thumbs in order to provide relief in case of any physical issue or any diseases. He may use some specific or any conical tool to put pressure on points.


Work environment

Normally the acupressurist works on daytime. As acupressurist is not proficient to handle any major medical emergency to so he does not require working in emergency hours. Yet his work environment always makes him surrounded by lots of people who are either suffering from any health problem.


How to become an acupressurist

There are a lot of institutes and colleges that offers a diploma or degree courses in acupressure. To be eligible to join a course in acupressure, one must have qualified the exams of 10+2/graduate. For joining the degree courses one must complete graduation from a recognized university.


Starting salary

Rs 16,500 to Rs. 35000


Job prospect

Job prospectus varies with the level of certification and degree. Relevant experience in treating diseases with acupressure as a freelancer will also be considered as additional benefits for applying for the job.

What do an acupressurist?

Acupressure is a 2000-year-old therapy from china. Acupressure is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. Acupressure is a way to send a signal to the body to turn on its own self-healing mechanisms. An acupressurist performs acupressure on your different body points in order to the relief of stress-related ailments. An acupressurist relieves tension and increase blood circulation, reduces pain and helps in achieving health targets. An acupressurist can do the following tasks

  • Acupressurist can perform healing to maintain god health, balance and body energy.
  • Acupressurist can help in improving your sex life and it helps in increasing sexual pleasure.
  • He can increase the blood circulation over the face, so, it will help to tine the facial muscle and stop wrinkles.
  • Acupressurist can identify the point related to your back pain and helps to relax you.
  • It help in reducing the issue concerning to the digestive system.
  • It does not perform any surgery or never prescribe any consumption of drugs, so it’s a considered a safe treatment method.

An Acupressurist does not only work to help you in physical pain but it also helps you in recovering from the state of any emotional disturbance or mental trauma. Any kind of emotional disturbance or negative feelings works as a hindrance in the way of free flow of energy. The acupressurist helps to release the tension and helps in the free flow of energy throughout the body.

For a healthy mind and body, it’s very important that all the part of body and circulation system functions properly. An acupressurist can help to increase the flow of blood circulation in your body. The best use of acupressure is that it can easily relieve you of bodily pain and body ache.

As we mentioned above that an acupressurist does not perform any surgery and never prescribed any kind of medicine or drugs. We all know that allopathic medicine are harmful as they have many side effects if they are taken for long periods of time. It can also damage your liver. Acupressurist offers a safe way to treat and heal your body and mind without the need for drugs. An acupressure therapist focuses on finding the corresponding pressure points in the body by applying the pressure using fingers.



Work environment

An acupressurist works in the same environment in which any health expert works. He needs to listen to his patients carefully so that he can find correct acupressure points in your body to cure your problems.

He can always find himself surrounded by people with a backache, muscles pain, and pain in neck arrear upper body. There may be people who can lose their patience easily, there may aggressive people and there may be polite people too. So, he needs to adopt little flexibility towards the behavioral attribute of people. Most if the time he is expected to adopt a careful and soft behavior but to handle an impatient patient he needs to be little hard.

His work environment is similar to any other health clinic. Where it’s expected that people should walk in the daytime. Normally he is not expected to treat any emergency condition yet he may require visiting the home of patients if they are incapable of going out.

Work schedule

Like other alternative therapies or healing practices the acupressurist also began his acupressure session with patient  interview. During the interview, the patient is first of all given a chance to describe his problem. As when it started, how it feels, what other treatments he is using to treat his problem, either he is also suffering from any other diseases f health issue etc. once the patient has described his problem the acupressurist will further ask him some question to understand the causes or the  root of the problem. It helps the acupressurist to understand as at which point energy in blocked. He may also ask some more questions to know more about the problem, Like the family history regarding diseases, eating habits, sleeping routine, etc.

An acupressurist is expected to work on 5 days in normal clinic timings. Yet he may need to work extra hours depending upon the request of patients. Usually, his fixed schedule required to work in 8 hours. Which means 4 hours in the morning shift and 4 hours in evening? But if still after  finishing of fixed working any patients left unnerved, he is needed to work to make their patients relax and help them. It’s very important to understand that an acupressurist is not a doctor neither he is having any specialized degree in medicine. But still, he acts like a doctor and makes you feel relaxed  by helping you with your body’s problems.

An acupressurist is also expected to visit their patient’s home in case the patients are unable to reach to acupressurist. Yet he is expected to get some extra money in exchange for his specialized service at your home.  He is expected to spend for 15 to 45minutes on each patient on daily.

In one session of acupressure, the acupressurist is expected to apply pressure on the pressure point relating to the problem. He may use to apply pressure for 4 to 15 different points. Each pressure point needs to massaged and pressure should be applied gently either with the help of finger or some conical tool made of wood.


How to become an acupressurist

Proper education and training is must requirement to becoming acupressurist. Acupressurist offer a hand on bodywork therapy by pressing or massaging the specific points of the body. Pressure points are chosen and on the basis of symptoms of the disease.


An acupressurist is required to complete 300 to 500 hours of training session and education from a recognized government or private institute. Training and education include various test, practical’s, the live training session of acupressure and case studies. Each acupressure institute uses some different method to teach and may be some difference in curriculum yet all the acupressure points will be included as compulsory part of every syllabus. Following is some main topics that you need to cover an acupressurist.

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Acupressure points and meridians
  • Theories of traditional Chinese medicine
  • An explanation of Chi energy and Yin and yang energies
  • Acupressure techniques and protocols
  • Acupressure tool and their uses
  • Health, hygiene, and contradictories
  • Clinical practice

Acupressure certification

After completion of the study, all the students are required to pass the examination. There will be also a practical test of knowledge in the examination. The practical knowledge is explained in term so grade in exams. As an acupressurist needs to work in a practical environment so he must have good practical knowledge of each factor.

After passing the exams the candidate will be awarded a certificate in acupressure. This means the candidate is a certify acupressurist now and he can practice acupressure techniques to help their patients.

Job prospectus

There is a noticeable growth in the field of alternative therapies and medicine. Today people considered acupressure is a more safe what to get rid of their problems. And moreover acupressurist can correct your health without using any medicine or surgery.

Acupressurist has opportunity to work with any hospital and if he wishes, he can open his own clinic. Both the options is equally fruitful for him.



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