Top 10 sites that can pay $100  for writing unique articles

You all are reading this article because you all want to earn some extra cash by using your writing skills. First of all, I would like to make it clear that earning money is not a easy job. Whatever you do to earn money, it always requires a hard work to make your dream in to reality.  So, if you are a writer than you also need to write a good content with deep research over topic and once your article is selected by any of the below sites, money will get transferred in your account.

So, here come to our main topic, as these are list of some website that actually pays for writing articles.

  1. Cracked

Cracked is an website dedicated to humor and fun. So if you feel you are smart funny and a creative person than you can earn well on this site.

There are many ways to earn money on cracked, as you can write list style article, you can earn by uploading image set or you can earn by participating in contest.

Earning review:  you will earn $100 per article. Once you have five published articles on the website than your earning can get a rise of $200 per articles. There is also a bonus allowed after publishing certain number of articles.

  1. College humor

Well, as the name suggest the site is about chilled and funny stuff. As the college word is the website name so, definitely it would concentrate on teenager and all college going students. Its main audience or readers are between the age of 18-49. There are more than 15 million monthly visitors of the site.

Earning review: initially they pay between $25 to $35 but if they put your article on article pages you will get $50 and you also get an additional bonus of $50 as once your article get more than 100,000 views.

  1. Freelance mom

As the name suggest the blog is about mom yet here not to be confused as parenting as the blog is not about parenting, it focus upon the dreams of mother, career choice of mothers and business women who are mothers too.

Earning review: They pay between $75 to $100. And you can get a special bonus too if your articles is top of most shared articles.


  1. A Fine Parent

Obviously, you are right the site is about parenting and it requires the articles related to parenting. You are requiring writing as your personal experience or an experience of your family of friends.

Earning review: you will get paid $100 for each selected article. But submission is not always open so you may need to wait as when submission is open.

  1. Cooking detective

Cooking detective is all about cooking and its tools. So if you have an healthy recipe, some nutrition tips you can write here. You can write upon fitness guide, buying guide and review of cooking courses. Your articles should be interesting and informative enough to retain readers.

Earning review : if you write an article more than 3000 to 4000 word you will get paid $120 to $160. And if your article is 2000+ word than you will get $75.

  1. Listverse

This is one of my favorite website not only for writing but also for reading.  Here you need to submit an article of minimum 1500 words. The topic should be an interesting in style of list. There should be minimum 10 items in the list.

Earning review: they pay a fixed one time amount of $100 on each selected article.


  1. Travel writers life

The blog suggest its main topic as it will be about travelling. Here you need to submit your article about travelling. The article length should be in between 1000 to 2000 words.

Earning review: you will bet get paid between $50 to $200 for each article. Earning varies according to type of article.

  1. List Apart

It accepts article and viewpoints of designers, developers and content strategists. You require writing in between 1500 to 2000 words.

Earning review: you will get paid $200 per article.

  1. Metro parent

This is another great website for parenting. It accepts articles about parenting and you will be get paid.

Earning review:  you will be get paid in between $40 to $200 for each article. Earning varies according to word count and also according to topic covered.

  1. Site Point

This is all about web development. You need write a in depth article about HTML, CSS and CASS.

Earning review: it pays $150 for article and $200 for tutorials.




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