Well, just creating a good blog or website is not enough to get your website ranked in top search results. You need to have visitors on your website who must spend some noticeable time on your website while reading its contents. But believe me its not an easy task. its not as simple as just sharing your website post and contents on other network. Being a beginners in blogging you need to have your personal effort to attract more visitors to your website. here I am with my  detailed research analysis that how you can have more visitors on your website. so just read the full article to know more about it:-

  1. Create a quality content for your blog

Content is a king of blogging. You always need to have a good contents for your website. so, here you all want to know what quality does a good content have? First of all , content need to be plagrism free. The content should be not a copy of other’s writer content. It should be an original content of yourself.

Second thing your content should be able to look different from other’s writer. It should be able to give a new idea or a fresh approach to the topic to all the readers. Weel, it clearly means that your content should represent a new thought so that it can grab reader attention.


  1. Write Consistently

This means that you should not stop posting new articles. You always have something in your bag for te readers. You need to upload new content on weekly or twice in weekly basis. It simply keep your website updated and fresh. You can make an aim to update weekly a new post or twice in a week.  But for beginners you must tries to update a new post on a daily basis. As it will fill your website and make the readers sticky over your website.

  1. Fallow proper SEO strategy

SEO which means search engine optimization . it helps you to keep your website appear in top search results. Seo is wide term and it’s a never ending process. it keep your website alive and keyword focus.  It include on making a good website structure, link structure, building meta tags, usability and friendliness of website, indexability, image optimization and many other things.


  1. Don’t forgot to create backlinks

Backlinks are actually the link of your website on other websites. It actually not the intentional links, but still they bring more clicks on your website. it bring traffic on your website and when a person visits your website and your website have good content then it will work like magnet for you.

  1. Social media sharing

You must not forgot to share your work at social media platform as today people spend most of their time on social media platforms. A link with well written description and image can help to boost traffic.

Getting organic traffic is a hard job and I request that you should not try to get an shortcut for this. because if you ever tries to get shortcut for traffic it will just give an temporary boost to your website.

Today I am finished with my topic over organic traffic . later I will post about keyword research, google ad sense, meta tags, backlinks and many more useful topic. So just keep reading my blog and don’t forgot to comment us in comment box.

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