Every blog owner who has a successful blog with visitors on it wants to monetize their blog. Monetization brings real motivation to bloggers as they get paid in cash for sharing their knowledge and skills.  When someone thinks about monetization then first thing he recalls in his mind is google adsense. But as we all know that’s its not easy to get adsense approval. You need to fulfill their conditions.

Even if you get approval you may not like to continue with adsense due to several reasons.  So if one is not happy with google adsense policies and their earning then he looks to find other alternative of adsense which can fulfill their acceptations.

Well there are several alternatives but you may want to know as which one is best for you and your blog. So here is a list of some of the best adsense alternatives

The real problem with lots of Google Adsense alternatives is that they are no way near Adsense when we compare real earnings potential with them.

1. Media.Net Contextual And Display Ads

Media net is most preferable option after adsense. It’s a great source of income of many bloggers. Basically this is a yahoo powered network that use to display ads on your site. All the advertisement is highly related to your content. Its just an great way to multiply your earning. Its quite similar to google adsense as it does not offer cheap advertisement and only shows decent advertisement on your blogs. Media net is one of the biggest marketplace for advertisers to get an easy opportunity for online brand exposure of their products and also making money by posting the ads on your site. It offers easy optimization of each impression and you can easily optimize ads with single ad tag.

2. AdMaven

Ad Maven mostly offers ads in popup and popunder advertising. You have also seen many advertisements by ad maven in popup formats. If you want to publish their ads on your blog then you need to become their publisher. I truly feels that popup or pop under advertising can bring great earning to you as its likely to get easy clicks. After you sign up to ad maven and become their publisher then you will see a live campaign from your dashboard.  You easily keep track of all ad reports and analytics.  So if you want to reach a great network of advertisers then first of all you need create an account on ad maven. As you sign up , you will be redirected to your dashboard and their you need to add  your website’s URL. After adding the URL you can choose with a variety of monetization.

3. Info Links

Info links is another widely used platform after media net. Its well known for its the famous in-line text advertising network however its best suited on to high traffic websites. Info links shows ads relating to your content so which automatically drives more targeted clicks.  Another great thing is that Info links converts some keywords of  your site content into advertising links or  its just simply  ad an link in the content and if someone click on link then you will get paid for it. And if talk about revenue share then they paid 70% of their revenue to their publisher and kept only 30% with themselves.  You will get payments through PayPal, Check, Bank Transfer, ACH etc.Infolinks has quick and easy setup with no changes and offers ads that are tightly integrated with your content with no additional space required.

4. BuySellAds: Adsense Alternative For High Traffic Sites

BuySellAds offers really good choice to those who know to bargain. Buy Sell Ads is not an actual advertising platform but it’s like a marketplace for buying and selling ad space on websites and blogs. But one of the great disappointments is here that it does not accept sites with low traffic. So if you want to work with the then you need to create ad inventory in to your account. Okay nets thin g is revenue, buy sell ads offers 75% of its ad revenue to their publisher and you can transfer your earning twice in a month time. Even there is no minimum payout limit set for making payments.

5. Qadabra : Adsense Alternative For Small Websites With Low Traffic

Qadabra is one of the best advertising platform and most beneficial for small blog owners. If your blog has a low traffic then it’s a great option for you. another benefit of using Qadabra is that there is no waiting time for getting its approval like adsense. So if you sign up for it then you will get instant approval. Using Qadabra is somewhat very similar to adsense and you need to sign up and copy the code and paste that code in your blog for making money with it. Its offers international traffic with great ad  rates and you will get paid for the very first dollar you make .

6. Chitika

Here you will get paid on CPC basis. Chitika only shows relevant ads matching your website content and you can customize their ads as per your choice to get maximum clicks on their ads. All you need to do is to become their publishers. It’s and double opportunity as you can safely run Chitika ads along with Adsense ads on your website. They make payment through PayPal and minimum payout is $10 for check. The minimum payout is $50. It account approval is a very easy process and has no strict traffic requirements as such.  It has over 300,000 publishers with them using their services.

7. Revenue Hits

So last in may list is Revenue Hit. Is revenue hits is last in the list then please does not misunderstood that its least or ineffective way of earning because its never the less than any of the ad platform mentioned above. Its a very popular   Ad Network. With Revenue Hits, you are likely to get more contextual as well as geo-targeted ads. It’s a quite intelligent system and they do not display ads on pages that do not have content to display or read.. The minimum payout threshold is $50 USD.

These above the entire best adsense alternative as per my knowledge. But I know that you must have some better option or experiences with you. So don’t forget to share it with ourselves in comment box.

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