6 Best Websites to learn PHP programming language online

PHP is a server scripting language; it’s one of the powerful tools for creating lively WebPages. PHP is a language that runs on the server-side. Ok, let’s a take quick view on PHP

  • PHP stands for PHP: hypertext preprocessor
  • It is a server side scripting language
  • PHP runs on different platform like Unix, Linux, windows
  • PHP supports many databases as MySQL, Sybase, and oracle.


PHP is used widely to create username and passwords login pages, check details from a form, create forums, picture galleries, surveys and many more things. You can also output easily any text, such as XHTML or XML file with this. With PHP you have freedom to choose any operating system and web server.

Today’s There are many sites offering you PHP learning tutorials but here I am writing about few best of them.


This website gives you an easiest option to learn PHP. You will start by lesions. As PHP intro, PHP install, syntax, variables, data types, string functions etc. as you get familiar with PHP you will move to next step PHP forms. Where you will learn about PHP form handling, PHP form validation, PHP form required, PHP form URL/e-mail, and PHP form complete. There after you will be guided to learn PHP advanced, PHP database, PHP XML, PHP and AJAX and PHP references. The site is very good and most known options for learning HTML, JavaScript and server side languages.

PHP the right away

This website is especially dedicated to learn PHP. The site has many different language options for learners ease. Here you will learn PHP step by step. As you start with code style guide thereafter language highlights.  Language highlights further has 5 more steps in it. And after that you will be guided to learn dependency management, coding practices, dependency injection and database. The site is very easy to use but its simplicity somewhere makes its less attractive yet still it’s a good site to learn PHP.

Learn with Lynda

The site offers you to learn PHP by text and video tutorials. The site has very attractive interface.  You will get proper detailed guidance eon each and every topic. The most popular course on this site is PHP with mySQL essential training, introducing PHP, PHP for web designers, installing apache, mySQL and PHP, creating secure PHP website and more. Overall the site is very good and gives more realistic style of learning with its videos tutorials. But unfortunately the site is not free so you need to pay for learning through it. Plans varies from $ 25 per month to $ 375 per year


The site is very easy to use and attractive interface. The site gives you detailed information even on each little topic. It’s a very site to learn PHP in depth.  The main topics of its are introduction, syntax, data types, operators, control structure, pre-defined function, calendar functions, date and time, array functions, math functions, error handling, file handling, PHP mail, string tokens, string functions , session functions and more. And each topic is further divide in more sub topics.

Coding unit

This is another site offering you to learn PHP. The site is very simple and easy to use. The site will teach you from basic to advanced features. Her you will teach about variables, operators, arrays, while loops, form handling, file handling and many more. Here you will learn with simple example and less complications.


Code academy

Code academy will help you to learn PHP but you need to sign up with the site. The site claims to learn PHP in four hours. Yet course is a beginner’s level course. The site has an attractive interface but at somewhere it looks little complicated too. But site has good rating.

But before learning to PHP you should have and knowledge about HTML/XHTML and JavaScript. As in these tutorials you will learn about PHP code but not about HTML code



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