10 Best sites to check plagiarism online


Plagiarism is a common problem for publisher, writers, and teachers. As whil writing a particular topic its is very easy to use the text as used by other sites but her start the birth of plagairism. Plagiarism means copying any other person text, or document and later publish it with your own name. its also violates copyrights law and is a matter of serious offence.

To check who is copying your article or its contents plagiarism checking sites have been found very useful.

Today I am writing about some best plagiarism sites. Please take a look below.


  1. Turnitin

Turnitin was designed by UC Berkeley students. Now it is the most common name for checking plagiarism. Turnitin has checked over 60 million papers in 2011.its a best tool for publishers, students and admissions professionals.

  1. Plagiarism detect

This site offers you optimized plagiarism detection for school paper. You just need to copy and paste your text on a box provided at the home page of site. And click on detect. It will show you the results. You can also upload the text file from computer and check it for plagiarism.

  1. Ithenticate

This service is powered by plagiarism.org. This includes a database of more than 31 million articles and 67664 books and journals. The site is very known for its accurate and quickly given results.

  1. Plagium

Plagium offer you search your text against plagiarism. You can enter the text in the box provided at homepage of site. You can enter maximum 25000 characters in this. You can also use URL of your site or check any fie in it.

  1. Article checker

Article checker allow you to check your work directly without any registration. It’s a n instant way to check a text against plagiarism. You can simply copy and paste the text or just use any URL to check against plagiarism.

  1. Plagiarism check

This is one of the smartest plagiarism checker but you need to register yourself for using this service. The site has a large databank to check your paper against it. The service is absolutely free.

  1. Duplichecker

The site is proven very useful to authors, publishers and teachers. You can check any document, webpage, handouts or article against plagiarism. Dupli checker will also guide regarding plagiarism if you go deep through the site.

  1. DocCop

The site is support a few types of file formats like PDF and .docx. When you enter your data or contents of your text files with this tool. It wills correlates the contents with other contents and give you more accurate information.

  1. Dust ball

It is simplest site to check plagiarism. The site is very useful to students and teachers. Just copy paste the text in the box provided at homepage of the site.


  1. Small seo tools

This site offers you to search your text against plagiarism with the maximum word limit of 1500 word. However the word limit seems to be quite less but still it’s a strong tool to check plagiarism.


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